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29th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

This is for those of you who had an honest disagreement with my earlier tweet about the F-Bomb lady, not for the hundreds of people who had nothing more intelligent to say to me but "fuck you."
You're right. I was bad. The irony here is that I actually enjoyed and quietly applauded the lady for her F-Bomb. She had been through hell and then someone was grabbing her arm and shoving a mic in her face. I should have just left it there ... but I didn't and Twitter is instantaneous. There is a place for commentary on the horrendous rate of children born to single parents -- of all colors -- and the burden they put on society. This certainly wasn't the place. I apologize. No ... I didn't delete the Tweet because I have learned and will continue to learn from the response.
And keep my dog out of this.

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