Lorenzo Browne · @Atturnie

29th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

The closing of @EdaxPro

He guys, this is Atturnie, Founder and CEO of Edax Pro. Sadly, i will have to close the organization. A huge bulk of my staff and owners left the organization, simply because they lost motivation and we hadn't had a set plan within the organization. Which is understandable. We won LTC5 and SmashCon and made some noise at the North American Last chance Qualifier for CoD, so we had a good 2 months. But Tony and I are not able to fund the org ourselves. Me and some of my staff will be seeking new positions within another organization if the one im chatting with now does not want us.

I will also be looking into coaching positions for cod. But thank you for all the support! More announcements are soon to be made! We are still doing the Maypul giveaway to our fans!

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