Goodbye to Northern Gaming, Hello to NRG ESports

Today, I am personally thrilled to announce that Northern Gaming has been acquired by NRG ESports!

This transaction will see the entire Northern Gaming family, and all of our assets move forward under the NRG brand! While Northern Gaming has been an exciting chapter in all of our lives, this opportunity was one we couldn’t pass up!

Joining NRG will give our players and streamers unrivaled opportunity, and allow them to be more impactful in the esports ecosystem than we were able to with Northern Gaming.

Being able to align ourselves with such a prominent brand, and work closely with forward thinking minds such as Andy and Brett is an honour for player and management alike.

Our streamers and players will all now represent the NRG family moving forward, and you can expect some big things from in the coming months!

For our ownership, Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris will be joining the NRG family as an owner/streamer and advisor to Andy, and I will be working closely with NRG as an Assistant General Manager of Gaming while I continue to consider all of my options.

As we say goodbye to Northern Gaming, I want to personally thank every individual who we have worked alongside over the past year and a bit --- we would not be here today without the contributions of a lot of those people, and it would be impossible to thank everyone individually.

The biggest thank you, goes to our fans, for supporting us from day one, making our dreams become a reality, and offering us a platform to grow and express ourselves. We have had amazing opportunities because of our fans, and for that we will be forever grateful. Without you guys, this acquisition would not be happening, and all the great memories of Northern Gaming would never have existed. From the bottom of our hearts, we love you all.

There are a few individual thank you’s however, that need to be singled out:

Joshua ‘Teddy’ Ramirez - Northern Gaming Social Media Manager
Nick ‘Nmp’ Polom
RJ ‘Nin’ Hall - UGC Events
Killy Kapowski
Chris ‘HuK’ Loranger
Matt Trumpfheller
Cody ‘Please Email Me’ Conners

The people above have shown us nothing but respect, and have been a pleasure to communicate with, and work with at varying levels. Without those people, Northern Gaming would not have made it as far as it did, and I am forever grateful to have been able to work alongside those individuals. I wish I could name more people, but this post would be 500 names deep if I did.

As for the Northern Gaming Twitter account, we will have to shut it down at the end of our goodbye giveaway with NRG. It will become a personal twitter for myself, and those of you who choose to stick around will be able to follow all of Northern Gaming’s adventures, as I will continue to work closely alongside the same people who compose Northern Gaming today, at NRG.

This journey taught me many things, and while Northern Gaming was not done perfectly, I couldn’t ask for it to have gone any other way. I want to thank Chance for making my dreams become a reality when he agreed to work on Northern Gaming with me. I am truly honoured to have had these opportunities because of Northern Gaming, and am excited for all our futures with NRG.

Until next time,

- Mack Maring

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