Super Smash Bros. 64

There were many things that drove me away from SSB64 a year ago. I was at a very low point where the game, the community, and even my own being were not bringing me joy anymore. Having had rough patches before, I was able to cope with many of the things bringing me sorrow. One thing that I could not deal with however, was my isolation from all competitive players. I had been living 3 hours away from the closest smash player and numerous problems with my internet / computer had prevented me from playing online to compensate for this isolation.

In the spring semester of 2016 I had begun to feel very cold about my SSB predicament. The end of 2015 (SSC) to early 2016 (G3) was a very magical time for the 64 community. Scenes had begun to appear all over the country and players were improving at a faster rate than ever before. All I could think about was how much better I'd be at the game if I lived in a city somewhere instead of living in a small town surrounded by farmland 60 miles in every direction. My envy turned into frustration, my frustration into anger, and my anger brought me to making a very drastic decision in the summer of 2016. This decision went against everything I had stood for since I had begun competing in 2012, but after several months of battling this dilemma I had announced that I would be leaving the game in the later months of 2016.

I do not regret my decision. I am not apologetic. I am not asking for forgiveness. If I could go back in time I would have made the same decision over and over and over again. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time playing melee and I wish I would have started playing the game earlier. I am competitive in nature, in my time of darkness melee was able to provide for me what 64 couldn't.

However, to my pleasant surprise, the darkness has passed, as I am now living in the beautiful city of New York, a city with a flourishing smash 64 community, a city where I will no longer live in isolation. I would be lying if I said that this wasn't everything I've wanted since I first picked up a controller. While I do not regret leaving, I would regret not returning. This opportunity is too great to let pride in the way of pursuing my dream, so in light of this fortune I will be attending tournaments again in NYC. I hope to be an active and helpful member of the smash 64 scene here and in time would like to be a positive figure to the community as a whole again.

As far as melee goes, I will still be practicing and competing in that game as well. I have recently discovered that Falco Lombardi is a fucking badass and will be moving forward with the bird as my main.

Thank you for your time.

- Kero the Great

tldr I have moved to Manhattan and will be entering 64 tournaments again. This will not affect my melee career.

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