#TVXQ - Hongkong Press Conference summary

‪cr: 魔方全媒 https://m.weibo.cn/1731402347/4143640211116507

‪Changmin had been discharged last Friday from his service as a conscripted policeman, and after two years, had come to Hongkong. This is also the first time after a few years that both Changmin and Yunho have come to Hongkong together. As such, there was about 1000 fans who gathered since morning to wait for the two handsome male gods. About 7pm, the two members who were dressed in black attire arrived at the venue, immediately arousing fans' loud screams. Later on, they greeted in Cantonese. Changmin confessed to fans that he had missed them a lot, and that when he saw the fans and media's enthusiastic reception, he was moved to the point of goosebumps. Yunho in a side voice, said that he was feeling nervous yet very happy, as he could feel fans' enthusiasm even from when he had arrived at the airport. Separately, Yunho and Changmin also announced their official comeback activities. First, on Sept 25, Yunho will release Drop via SM (Station *) and film a MV for it. Changmin said he didn't have many plans yet but that he would also be releasing a solo on Sept 29. With regards to an album, they are in the midst of preparing for it and it is planned for release at the beginning of next year so they hoped everyone would anticipate it. Also, Yunho expressed that they could be meeting with everyone through variety programmes. And on shooting dramas, Changmin said he didn't have any plans for that yet since they had not met with fans for 2 years, so he would focus fully on doing activities as TVXQ and interacting with fans more. ‬

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