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Sunday, on a quiet road in Hannam-dong. It was a day where it would rain for a moment before it slowly dried on the floor. The studio for the shoot was filled with flowers and artwork, but the most beautiful subject was, of course, Yoona. Walking through the studio filled with staff, Yoona and her character San from her drama 'The King Loves' seemed to overlap. "I think the light appearance of San early in the drama is a lot like my actual self. I think I appeared a bit more comfortable and most like myself." It was a Sunday with an afternoon where Yoona, who is good at performing on stage and acting, was only smiling beautifully.

Q: It's Sunday today, so we should be able to watch 'The King Loves' tomorrow. Why did you pick this drama?
YOONA: I always thought it would be difficult for me to attempt a historical drama, but San was a character that got rid of those thoughts. I felt that I could play it comfortably.

Q: What part made you think that? Is it because San had the appearance of a modern female, even though it is a historical drama?
YOONA: I think so. She's not passive, and the various ways she expresses emotions, I felt it could be a good experience for me. The story was fresh, and it felt a little different from other love triangles. Even though it contains some history in it, I liked that it had various emotions to express.

Q: Historical dramas take a long time to get ready for, and there are lots of locations. How does it feel experiencing that?
YOONA: It was a pre-recorded drama, because filming sites were so far from each other, there were times when we were tight on time. It took a long time to get ready, and, because I have to wear a wig all day, it felt like all my hair was going to fall out. (laughs)

Q: It still feels like a sweet, youth romance, but I heard there will be strong emotions as the drama continues. How did you express the different emotions?
YOONA: I thought, I hope I don't seem like a lead female role who is 'playing the field' to viewers. I worried the most about that part. I discussed it a lot with the writer as well, but I'm not sure how it will appear. It was a little confusing trying to act out the feelings for the opposite role.

Q: Doesn't that kind of emotion fit with that type of situation? A bit ambiguous?
YOONA: I think it's being expressed well so far. The script was good, so I just had to follow it.

Q: It seemed like you got along well with Im Siwan, Hong Jonghyun, and other cast members. How was it filming?
YOONA: We got really close. We're around the same age, and we comforted each other. We actually went around a lot like the 'Won San Rin trio' in the drama. I think we got closer faster because we always went around together from the start, and the oppas adored me so much that it was a set where I was liked a lot.

Q: I think it would've been kind of unique as it was Im Siwan's last drama before enlisting in the army.
YOONA: It was, he's probably really sad he had to go without watching it broadcast. The entire cast is close. Not just the three of us, but there's a group chat with almost 20 people. We have sudden meet ups often, and it was brought up that we should all visit Im Siwan at the army. I think we will once.

Q: San tries to overcome the feelings she got in the process of losing her mother. Trying to find the truth.
YOONA: I guess she's mature and bold. I think that's the kind of person she is. How hard must this character have tried to grow confidently, enduring difficult times. I thought a lot about how I should become gentle in appearance, but strong in spirit as well while acting as San.

Q: How are you like? Are you actually like that?
YOONA: I think so. I'm definitely more like that than I appear. Rather than being brave, I have a personality that endures things well. I feel that I need to become stronger and bigger on my own.

Q: Musicians develop through performances, and movies/works for actors. I think the movie 'Confidential Assignment' is one that can't be left out when it comes to your acting.
YOONA: 'Confidential Assignment' is something that brought me a lot of things. I think it's a movie that let lots of people think, 'Huh? Did Yoona always have this side to her?'. Hearing that a lot, I gained confidence, and more passion for acting. 'Confidential Assignment' was my first film, and I wanted to start by playing a smaller role and learn from my good seniors, instead of taking on a lead role. Everything fit in all aspects.

Q: What's another work you're waiting for?
YOONA: I think I'm receiving lots of projects this year, but I'm carefully picking characters that I can do best without worries. Lots of people liked my appearance in 'Confidential Assignment', so I want to do a drama or movie that's realistic and shows that side of me.

Q: Is there anything that inspired you recently?
YOONA: The last film I watched in a movie theater was 'La La Land'. I really enjoyed it. I normally like music-related movies. I like when films have a clear theme song, and listening to that song, it makes you recall those scenes. I also like films with open endings, and the end of 'La La Land' felt realistic.

Q: When I listen to SNSD's songs, I recall scenes in my life at those times. Because SNSD's music was always played anywhere at certain times. Especially like 'Into the New World'.
YOONA: Really? That's also the song we chose as our favorite. There was a Japanese swimmer who always came to our Japan concerts. It's Olympic gold medalist Daiya Seto. I appeared in a program with him before. I was really touched when he told me he always listens to 'Into the New World' before competitions, and that he was able to win a gold medal after getting strength from listening to it. I'm really touched when I hear people gain strength from listening to our songs. We had a fan meeting yesterday, and the members had a survey to share with fans. We voted on our best songs and 1 was 'Into the New World, 2 'Holiday', and 3 'Gee'.

Q: Among fans, I heard fan meetings are events that they really want to go to.
YOONA: Because we only have fan meetings on special occasions, it feels more like a limited edition kind of thing. We have concerts numerous times, in various places. But fan meetings are only on one day, and it's something we only do with fans. I have birthday parties with fans almost every year. No matter how much we talk on SNSD and broadcasts, I feel like meeting in real life and spending time together is important.

Q: When interviewing idols nowadays, they say they want to become like Yoona sunbaenim (senior).
YOONA: It's still amazing hearing someone say they want to become like me. I also dreamed looking up at SES, Finkl sunbaenims, and BoA unnie. It was really amazing that those seniors, who were my role models, knew my name. I wonder if those people have the same feelings that I did when I looked at my seniors in the past. I think I'll have to work a bit harder. (laughs)

Q: What kind of dream do you have now as an artist?
YOONA: I hope I can have my own individual charm. I'll be good with that.

Q: You have a particular kind of naturalness. Rather than an unconventional transformation.
YOONA: I normally like classic things, as well as simple things without patterns. It's to the point where, when it gets colder, my closet is filled with just black, white, and gray things.

Q: There's SNSD's Yoona, actress Yoona, and, when you're not promoting, there's you as yourself. How do you balance it out?
YOONA: I'm the type of person who stays loyal to the situation I'm given. While it is good to look at the big picture far ahead, but I like doing what's in front of me well, so I always stayed faithful at those moments.

Q: For a while, different mediums will ask how it feels reaching your 10th anniversary. What's a feeling you really want to deliver?
YOONA: First, i want to congratulate our fans and my members. I'm grateful to my members, staff, and fans who were with me until now. I think I didn't realize it because they were always next to me, but the creation of our 10th anniversary title made me feel how precious they were even more. I felt like we're great.

Q: You are. Whatever it is, doing something for 10 years isn't easy. Did the 10 years pass by quickly?
YOONA: They flew by. It feels like it's only been about 7 years. I can't believe it's our 10th anniversary. Having a party, releasing an album, and having a fan meeting now makes it feel real. This album contains the meaning of spending it with fans. There's a fan song for fans, lyrics written by the members, and, when you listen to it, it has a similar atmosphere as our first official album. The members said it's like our debut album a few times.

Q: I look forward to your next 10 years even more. What kind of appearance will you show?
YOONA: 10 years ago, I thought, 'I think I'll be like this?', but I don't think there's that much of a difference except having gained lots of experience and becoming mature. It just feels like the time went by. Working and resting like this, I think another 10 years will have passed. I'm not sure about my next 10 years. I'm really curious too, I hope I'll have grown well.

Q: How do you want to spend the rest of your year?
YOONA: I want to rest and get some time to myself. So I have resting as my priority. Because I ran through working every day, I'm the type of person who can't reset well when told to. I think you need to practice resting, too.

Q: What do you plan on attempting this time?
YOONA: I want to travel a lot and learn things I've always wanted to. I want to learn to golf. I want to master Chiense, and learn English after... I also want to learn to cook in my spare time.

Q: Haha. That doesn't feel like you'd be resting?
YOONA: That's why travelling is my priority right now.

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