DOTA 2 statement

AUGUST 20, 2017 - Statement from the team: "Our team is parting ways with our current organisation - Team Singularity. We would like to express our gratitude to the entire Singularity organisation, our former manager David Pella and CEO Atle Stehouwer, who were nothing but helpful and supportive during our stay. Any team will be lucky to be playing under your banner.

We've joined Team Singularity in the end of April, shortly after leaving previous organisation. Despite unfortunate ending and not qualifying to TI7 we had a good season since joining Singularity with some notable results. Looking ahead for 2017/2018 we decided that there are other opportunities we must pursue. We would like to confirm that there will be no roster changes. We will play under our original name - Let's Do It - until further announcement is made."

Statement from the organisation:
"From today our Dota 2 team, consisting of eL lisasH, Nisha, Exotic_Deer, Kacor and Patos, will be taking their next step towards the spotlight they deserve.
Parting ways with the team is some of the hardest thing I’ve had to do in the esports scene so far, because we’ve grown accustom to each other, and it has been such a big pleasure to work with these five loyal young Polish guys.

The team has been bought out of their contracts. Knowing what the next step on their journey will be, makes me so happy for all the players, and it’s only because I know the team will be provided with all the extra tools, that we’re not able to provide currently in Team Singularity, that we agreed to let the team pursue another presented option, which hopefully will help them become top 10 within a year."

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