On moving to coaching for @MisfitsGG

Being able to play video games professionally for the last 1.5 years has been a childhood dream I never thought would be realized. I'm extremely grateful for that. However, as the the official announcement stated, I've accepted the head coaching position for Misfits Overwatch.

I've often received positive feedback from my peers regarding my analytical ability and attention to detail, from leading every vod review session as the in-game leader and captain of Luminosity, to some brief coaching I've done for professional teams on the side. With than in mind, I knew that I would someday dip my toes into coaching. It's bittersweet to step aside from playing, as I enjoy competing and firmly believe that I still have what it takes to play at the highest level. Ultimately, several factors swayed my decision to seek the transition now.

There are currently few positions for players to fight for with OWL heading into its inaugural season, which inevitably entails job insecurity for many. Since I'm turning 25 in two weeks, I felt that establishing a clear career path had to be a priority above everything else. Hanging around at the tier-2 level as a player was never anything that interested me, which I've made clear in the past. Playing and competing against the very best in the world is the only thing that drives me.

I've also been dealing with wrist pain for nearly a year now, which has gotten progressively worse due to constant strain, and which will hopefully be somewhat alleviated now that I won't have to actively play 10-12 hours per day.

I love new challenges, and coaching is just that. Even though I believe in my tactical and analytical abilities, the job is about a lot more than that. I love the fact that there is an infinite amount of room for personal growth within coaching—you're never done learning. It's both scary and fascinating, and that's precisely what I've always sought in any job.

I wanted to stay with Misfits specifically because I truly believe in its core, and the established trust we have for each other should help for a comfortable and seamless transition, both for myself and the players. My biggest regret is not having an opportunity to lift a major title and celebrate it with my teammates, as it's all I've ever dreamed about since turning pro. I might not have accomplished that as a player, but the goal remains the same, even with my responsibilities shifting.

I won't delve into the previous interation of Misfits too much, but I know there are questions, so I'll address it briefly:

Even though the roster featured an incredible amount of talent and plenty of championship pedigree, establishing consistency was difficult. The fully Swedish lineup was formed because all the players genuinely enjoyed playing with each other, and that remained the case until the end. I can assure you that each and every player wanted nothing more than to make it work, and everyone made significant personal sacrifices in attempts to make it better for the collective. The lineup, with and without me, left no stone unturned, and I'm proud of everyone regardless of the unfortunate outcome. Ultimately, it's a performance business and we failed to meet expectations, making a rebuild inevitable.

I can't wait to get to work with the revamped roster, and help ensure that Misfits returns where it belongs—at the top.


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