Spencer Jones: The Audition #edfringe review #edinburgh

Spencer Jones has had the rare effect of making me laugh even while I'm writing his review 24 hours later. I shook his hand as I left the venue with tears of laughter still pooled in my eyes.

You think you know what you're in for before Jones even begins his set as the stage is littered with seemingly unrelated objects; you can tell it's going to be strange. However, you couldn't possibly predict the show that follows.

Although an audition for a "Spielberg" movie is the main theme, it is the somewhat unrelated tangents which steal the show. With too many tennis balls and other paraphenalia, Jones' talent for anthropomorphic creations and experience with a vibration plate had me doubled over. However, this is not his only talent; armed with his loop pedals as usual, Jones treats us to some hilarious inventions and, as silly as they may be, I believe Jones has to be a genius to have crafted these songs that somehow fit so well in to his side-splitting show.

With his adorable character and surprises from beginning to end, Jones is, without a doubt, a "must-see". I haven't laughed like that this year and I still can't control myself when I think about it today. I am referring to him as Spencer Jones, but is he really The Herbert ? Nobody really knows.

Comedy Reviewer 9/10
Edfringe 5 stars

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