Elevate / Mindfreak Forfeit Situation

To be real with you guys, this situation is truly one of the lowest points in my time in esports. I'm very disappointed. This one will take a while to get over. To have to listed to a player and friend that I've worked with for years tell me this situation in tears was heartbreaking. This game, this tournament, is my player's livelihood. It is their job, and passion, as it is for most pro teams. An outcome like this should never be the result of technical issues.

Regardless, I want to clear up any confusion about the Elevate/MFBlack forfeit situation. I just spoke to Adam from MLG who provided a clear explanation of how the rules work and the situation in detail. MLG will also be releasing a statement later, but these are the facts for anyone who is wondering.

The series was 2-1. Elevate starts the map off going 30+ points up. Zach started having issues with his controller right away, and let a ref know, but kept playing knowing MLG rules. The issue with his controller got worse and worse to the point to where he could barely play. Mindfreak caught up in score, and started to pull ahead. Knowing there was no way to win 3v4, Elevate again asked the admins to do something. Eventually, when Zach's controller had completely stopped working, the team stopped playing.

At this point, MLG's rules (still awaiting the exact rule from Adam) say that the controller is the players responsibility. IF there is an issue, it is on the player/team. MLG's decision would be to call the game, in favor of Mindfreak.

With that said, MLG always grants the opposing team to allow a map replay. Mindfreak had the option to replay the game, from the start - simple as that. The Mindfreak players wanted to replay the game only IF they were given a lead (~60 points if I am being told correctly). The Elevate players wanted to replay the map, but MLG would only allow a clean map restart, since its a respawn map. Mindfreak would not agree to play the map from scratch.

MLG officials ruled the last map in favor of Mindfreak resluting in a 3-1 series win for them.

Its a truly heartbreaking situation for any player on the losing side. Do I wish Mindfreak would have replayed the map? Yeah, absolutely - its the right thing to do. Its a shame they took that win. I don't really care what anyone says to me. It was not an honorable win. I was raised differently I guess. Regardless, I don't want to blame the org or players too much. Ultimately, this is too big of a tournament for technical issues to determine the outcome. I wish this game had a way to pause. I wish MLG had different rules. I wish a lot was different about this game and scene in general.

Unfortunately, here's nothing I can do. Being responsible for my team, I've tried everything to the point of begging with MLG. Its my job to do so, and I'm sure any other org owner would understand this. I appreciate everyone's support, I really do. I love these players, its truly sad to see them in this state. They deserve more.

One thing I know is we'll be back next season, with a new fire and determination. #RedRebellion

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