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8th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

Adventure called "mousesports" shall begin

I wanted to write twitlonger on why I wanted to leave from HR, why mouz offered me a spot and why I accepted it. But then I realized my best option would be to just shut down haters who judge roster changes based off of stats by showing myself playing well on server. And by playing well I do not mean dropping 30 bomb every map but rather letting stars on my team shine even brighter and stepping up when it is needed.

I do not want to go over issues we had towards the end of my career in HR. Those people close to our team knew them and it came to a point where a roster change would be a better solution. I am thankful to these people nonetheless! They gave me a chance to sign my 1st contract 21months ago when I was just a FPL pugger with little knowledge of how competitive CSGO works.

I have made it all the way here and I am looking forward to remind fans of mine why they support me. Thanks y'all 🙂

kucher, s1mple, znajder, queztone, oskar, lmbt, smike, vlad, angel, zero, bence and johnta thanks for sharing this ride with me and I hope to see you soon guys 😊 wish you the best to all of you. Special thanks to Maxim, Xaoc, Cawka, Ami and whole HR staff which stood behind us. ❤️

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