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6th Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

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Good morning, Ma'am/s and Sir/s. PIA is doubling its efforts for a wide dissemination of info on ASEAN50 and its events nationwide and this is for the whole year round, since January. We have loads of fora happening all over the Philippines, like youth fora in schools with quiz bee; multi sectoral fora in different barangays; info kiosk, gallery & exhibit launches, etc.

As what Sir Ragasa mentioned, we have these PCOO roadshows where, the ASEAN50 celebration is always being discussed.

Even if ASEAN 2017 youtube, twitter, and FB accounts had small number of likers and followers, we are helping them to disseminate info, PIA has a lot of accounts, per region and per province. So whatever ASEAN2017 account posts, we are able to disseminate it to all our regional and provincial accounts. And it's not only PIA who's promoting ASEAN50 and its events, it also includes other agencies like our mother agency, PCOO, then our gov’t radio station RP1 and for tv, it's PTV, for print, it's PNA, then we have big agencies like DFA, DSWD, DTI, DOF, NYC and many more.

In our youth fora, we visit different universities for awareness. In our kiosks found in airports, hotels, and malls, we put flyers & other collaterals that give details about ASEAN50. So its really not just social media. What PIA also wants is to bring the ASEAN50 info to a wide range of communities, esp. in the areas where there are no TV and internet connections (grassroots), because we wanted them to understand and be aware of what ASEAN is, its benefit to their daily lives, and why is it being celebrated in our country this year.

Apart from this we also have a text blasting brigade from all over the country.

For the upcoming 50th anniversary celebration on Tue, more than 70 LGUs all over the Philippines will be participating by lighting their own lantern simultaneously as we light ours in CCP complex.

Thank you for the comments and suggestions you all mentioned. Rest assured we are taking it all positively and with an open mind. We would try to do our best and work even harder to disseminate the info on ASEAN50 and its events to the public until the end of the year.

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