Regarding the Szechuan sauce...

So here’s the lowdown on the Szechuan sauce (and I swear it’ll be the only post about it today save for the link to the auction page):

It’s going to be up on a friend’s eBay listing in about an hour. I found a buddy willing to list it on his page and we’re a go to list both the special case and the 64 oz. of Szechuan sauce together. I’ve had suggestions from people that I should open it and sell little tastes to everyone, but a. that would make me like a Scarface for dipping sauce, which I’m not, and b. it’d be nuts trying to measure it all, send it all and make sure everything’s insured. So this will be so much simpler.

I’ll provide you the link once the auction is live. A couple of things to keep in mind.

1. I’m going to be setting up special rules for the auction. I know a number of trolls that will try to sabotage this with zero feedback, but I’m making modifications so they won’t be able to do so. This’ll be an auction for serious bidders only, so if you want to joke it around, keep it on social media.

2. I know some folks are going to be mad that I’m selling it. “Open it! Enjoy it!” Well, I would, but most of my friends are out of town and trying to fly in and set something up would put me more in debt. This way, someone who wants the sauce can really have it, and I can still enjoy time with my friends. Some of them won’t be crazy about the fact I won’t have Szechuan sauce, but the true ones will surely be happy with Korean BBQ. (Won’t point fingers, but they know who they are.)

3. This isn’t going to be an auction where I take the money and run off to Mexico to open video game stores or whatever. Yes, some of it will be used to pay off bills and right the ship for myself, as it’s really been a long time coming. (And a few friends have noted that.) But this is also a prime opportunity to donate some money to charities like Extra Life and Ablegamers, and whoever else I can think of that’s worthy of donations. So depending where the final tally ends up, a small portion of these donations will be going to help out kids, handicapped gamers and others in need. That goes a much longer way than me guzzling 64 ounces worth of sauce – as entertaining as that might be.

4. I want this FULLY UNDERSTOOD. I hold McDonald’s and Chef Mike in the highest respect. I really do. Mike has done an amazing job bringing this back for some lucky people to enjoy and I will do everything in my power to assure that it’s in the hands of someone that will truly enjoy it with a party of people, instead of just letting it rot away on a shelf for all to see. The point of this sauce is for people to enjoy it – not necessarily me, but whoever ends up with it. No matter what amount it ends up at, I hope it ends up in the hands of someone that will thoroughly enjoy it.

5. I owe a big thank you to McDonald’s. Not to mention the people on social media who have been supportive of me doing this. Some have suggested live streaming to raise funds directly, but that will take time I simply don’t have at the moment. This is the best way to knock this out, raise some funds, and make everyone – well, the sauce buyer, the charities and myself – happier in the long run. And I assure the company that this won’t end up in the hands of Burger King. He’s already blocked on the bidder list.

That said, the auction will run for seven days, ending next Saturday afternoon. So you’ve got plenty of time to look things over and see if it’s right for you. Shipping will be free provided that the minimum amount is met (looking at around 5K – that seems more than fair), and I can overnight it if the bidding is high enough. Yes, the package will be fully insured for whatever the final dollar amount is. I’m certainly not mental.

Good luck to whoever wins this, and to everyone else that has wished me well over the past week, thank you all for your support. And I’m sorry if I’m angering some of you who think I should just crack it open and have a nugget party. But this is the better choice in the long run. And, besides, David Wasman, one of the fellow winners, is doing a gathering in Orlando, so if you’re really crazy…

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