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3rd Aug 2017 from TwitLonger


Don't want to make a huge twitlonger but basically our prac schedule of mon/tues/weds (8-11) and sunday (6-11) plus Thursdays closer to comps, as well as not being able to attend the Perth trip for the entire duration made team believe im holding them back and that it isn't enough.

I respect them all so I wouldn't speak a bad word of them but it obviously hurts alot. I upset many people to play CS at that semi-pro level. Went through really hard times in my personal life to balance full time work and family, and I didn't have a choice because that's life and the bills need to be paid. CS is one of the things i am really good at and passionate about - without it i'm another standard slave to the system.

What's crazy to me is it this schedule didn't seem to effect us toppling chiefs TM and dark sided to come 1st in the online portion of ZEN league (3rd over-all with cozeh as sub), come 3rd at the minor 2-0'ing flash and 16-5'ing renegades, qualifying (although bombing out) twice for CG finals. We had a hard road with the whole James saga, the Immunity org saga. To completely back the boys through it, then finally seal a deal we worked so hard for for it to be thrown away after 2 months because we have a new 5th (not blaming prakm) and fucked 2 events they believe it's the amount of practice. 100 hours of practice a fortnight aint gonna stop us throwing away key rounds in the decider match vs the mongolz due to individual stupid mistakes

Although i love them it doesn't stop me from an opinion - I think it's a really stupid move just to gain a extra hour a night or attend things like perth for the entire duration - we endured way too much and worked too hard to just leave someone whos sacrificed so much in the dirt. I don't think it'll work out for them and no matter what in the fuck anyone says I am one of the best in this country despite playing 50% of what everyone else does.

Because this ain't performance - I don't think there will be any bouncing back. I don't think teams are willing to work to my schedule like Grayhound/Immunity/James promised me they would. but we'll see. The grayhound deal really made the time spent away from family more justifiable - and I don't know if i can go back to the standard stuff.

Thanks for everyones support i love you guys

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