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2nd Aug 2017 from TwitLonger

Hello @Blizzheroes

Hello everyone, Hello blizzard !

I've been first ladder for now more than 1 week and i'm pretty sure, i'm not even first mmr because at least Cris, Mene, etc... have a better mmr than me, but they are stuck mid/top GM.

Well, this said, i will explain you how i did this "trick" to be GM #1 :
- First of all, if you have a good mmr (in placements matches, master mmr for example), lose maximum of your placements matches because after losing your placements matches you'll get a diamond 3 mmr instead of a master mmr, and it'll be easier to grind the ladder. (ofc you have to int feed to do that :))
- Secondly, grind the ladder.

So, Blizzard i have a question, did you consider, going back in time, and do the system you did on your website but daily?
More than 1 year ago, when you posted the ranking leaderboards on your website every months, the first of this leaderboards was the best mmr, the second was the second best mmr etc...
On your current system, the GM #1 is not the best mmr (at least most of the time) and you have (if you want to get GM #1 or at least easier get it) to lose your placements matches on purpose to decrease your mmr. I don't see how it can be good.

Well, I hope, you'll hear me and somehow you'll review your ranking system, then maybe more people will play hero league and enjoying it and will stop complaining about matchmaking when the #1 ladder will just be the best and not a man who doesn't deserve his place.

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