Statement - PENTA (english)

There's a phrase in Germany, which says: "Stop when you're on the top"

With this phrase I want to officialy announce that I will leave PENTA Sports as their manager.
I worked for over 2 year under their flag and were responsible for LoL and CSGO.
Together with kRYSTAL, suNny and Kakafu, we created one of the best teams I ever managed. They made it in just 4 months to the PGL Major in Krakow and I'm so proud of them!

From my side it is the only way to go, cause I want to go higher and PENTA is not able to move further. Esports is more than having fun for me. I'm using most of my freetime into this part of my life and I love it! It's more than getting some players together and hope for the best. I had so many talkings with each player before we finally made the next step and played the first tournaments. I'm feeling so bad right now for my team but I guess thats the only way to get my elation back and love my job again.

For the upcoming weeks I will relax a bit. I will stay on the side of the team for some time till they found a new manager and wish them the best. Possibly we gonna meet each other again!
My goal for the next year is defintly to be at the next major again as a manager and go for the top8 would be one of the biggest dreams.

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