Pale Horse eSports- Rocket League

It is with great honour, anticipation and excitement that Pale Horse eSports presents to you our Rocket League Division.

We have appointed @PaleHorsePaz as our Head of Rocket League and @PaleHorseDman as the Rocket League Community Manager. Together these two community heavyweights will drive Pale Horse into a period of exponential growth.

Alas, we are nothing without a team, so without postponing it any further we would like to introduce @Kamii_RL , @CJCJ_RL , @Kiaa_RL , @xkorez_rl and @julz_rl . These five megastars who have been reaching new heights on a weekly basis will be forming the new Pale Horse Rocket League team. This new era for the organisation, team and individuals is full of enthusiasm and prospects for all involved.

“Be strong when you are weak; Be brave when you are scared; Be humble when you are victorious (Michelle Moschetti)”
Behold a Pale Horse.

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