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25th Jul 2017 from TwitLonger

Taking a break from streaming Hearthstone until the expansion.

Lately I've felt super burned out from Hearthstone, more so than I've ever felt before even when the game was in a much worse spot than now. After the last Seatstory Cup in Germany, I felt burned out from streaming, competing, and just playing Hearthstone overall. I had high expectations in that tournament and while getting 3rd-4th place isn't bad, I wanted to win. Objectively you can't expect to win any tournament no matter how much you prepare and what shape you're in but it somehow always gave me that feeling. I've been getting sick a lot after coming back from Germany this last month, with multiple fevers and some infections where I had to take antibiotics but more importantly I never felt any drive to play after.

I know this all shows on my stream and it definitely shows in my streaming consistency/viewer numbers and things like that. My content hasn't been very good recently because I hardly ever play off stream and it's important to work on decks and your gameplay outside of stream as well. I talked to my good friend Charlie from Phoenix 1 tonight and he was fully supportive of it and I'm super happy with Phoenix 1 and how they have treated me and acted towards me the entire time.

I think the game is as good or better than ever, but after streaming for almost 3 years now without a real break, I've kind of reached my breaking point where I just need some time. Even with my recent sporadic stream schedule, I just feel bad when I don't stream because I should be but I have an extremely hard time starting up Hearthstone and streaming and I feel like going cold turkey will be the best for me to recuperate. Tentatively my plan is to take a break from Hearthstone for around 2 weeks until the expansion comes out and start streaming again then. I'm not sure if I will be streaming other games in the meantime or just be taking a complete break yet.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you guys when I get back.

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