Dan Slott · @DanSlott

23rd Jul 2017 from TwitLonger

This is a hard hit. Flo Steinberg has passed away.

Flo was there at the start of Marvel, working in the office with Stan-- and practically no one else. The infamous "Marvel Bullpen" grew around them. She would also go on, beyond Marvel, to publish Big Apple Comix. In later years she'd come back to Marvel as Marvel's proofreader.

To me, Flo was my neighbor, a good friend, and someone I was very proud to know. I could be walking down the block, shopping in the supermarket, or waiting for the bus-- and I'd suddenly hear a loud "DANNY!!!", followed by arms wrapped around me and numerous pecks on the cheek. We'd stop and chat about stuff, maybe set up a lunch date. Lunches with Flow were the best! And popping by proofreading and catching up was always the best part of any Marvel visit.

Flo was sweet and kind, but wouldn't hold back her thoughts on any subject, and always had a few choice words about the state of Marvel, good or ill. I'm going to miss her so much. Comics has lost one of its most genuine and caring people today. I love you, Flo.

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