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21st Jul 2017 from TwitLonger

. @Jerbivore re: your podcast:

1. My post wasn't about you, and was not a take-down. It is about the rift (is in the title). Used your post as cue to set the record straight (is in the post).

2. Before Patheos, Johnathan blogged on Skeptic Ink. Ask him!

3. Authoritarian/ideological purity: http://ow.ly/dxe330dPcbi

4. Ayaan has mostly *liberal* stances. The fact that pseudo-liberals chose not to open their venues for her content, lest it offended Muslims, forced her to accept when AEI offered her a place to broadcast her thoughts. Get your facts right before talking, will ya?

5. The blockbot is real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNxKcz5o2ks

6. You don't get to dismiss my post on ID politics hurting secularism just by reading the excerpt (not even the first paragraph!). And the fact that "not all" SJW types are like that (care to give an example?) doesn't mean that's not a problem on your side. If you don't do it, good for you. Still got a lot of housecleaning to do.

6. If you're not acquainted with what @D4M10N was talking about (and you are clearly not), maybe you should read more before talking re the rift, or taking sides.

7. The fact Myers is the pathetic excuse of human being he is doesn't change the fact that we would NOT advocate to deplatform him. Not that he is anything remotely comparable with Dawkins, Harris or Hitchens. That's the thing: we (those of us who value Enlightenment values) hold our enemies to the same standards we hold our allies. That's why Myers was mentioned by Damion on the comment.

8. You not getting all the references to past events within the Atheist community is the best evidence why my post is necessary. Clearly, you (and Stillman) chose sides without all the relevant information. Now you're just bending over backwards trying to reconcile the thuggery on your side (unbeknownst to you) with your experience.

9. The blockquote is from an actual quote. The link is just before the indented text. There's no way to miss it.

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