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20th Jul 2017 from TwitLonger


Q: In a past interview, you've said, "Because there's an expectation the name Girls' Generation brings, so it's burdensome." Do you still feel that way? What kind of name is the title Soshi to you?
YURI: I felt that I've always received an excessively large amount of love and expectation from the name Girls' Generation. So I'm grateful but also careful. Because it makes me think that I can't be someone here. While I can enjoy things and be happy to the fullest, there is some burden and affection. No matter what I do in the future, I feel like the name Girls' Generation will give me lots of strength, but will also carry some weight at the same time.

Q: How do you feel reaching your 10th anniversary?
YURI: I feel like my daily life has piled up year after year to get to our 10th anniversary. Since it's our first comeback in 2 years, we are working hard, but it didn't feel that special like how you placidly get to your birthday every year. I am grateful for every moment, but I think I don't give big meanings to things because I never thought about something being the end.

Q: If you compare things from your debut, how have things changed?
YURI: For me, I didn't have a great dream starting Soshi. I spent my time in a fun way, as if going on a school trip with friends who really like singing and dancing. There were lots of intense moments, but, because I enjoyed things, I think I was able to come this far.

Q: How were you able to get along with your group for 10 years?
YURI: It's still difficult and I'm careful. In some way, for more 10 years. In my case, along with the preciousness I feel for the members or the group Girls' Generation, I try to keep that much of distance. It's a group life, and in situations where there are unwanted comparisons between each other, I think this is one way of getting along for a long time in an easygoing way. Now, like a family, we've gotten past the time of butting heads and now just think each other are cute.

Q: How did you feel seeing other groups, who promoted around the same time as you, started breaking up one by one?
YURI: I fully understood their choices and decisions, and I think they need to be respected. Because things not changing in the world means everything has to change. I'm thankful that they promoted hard and left us good music.

Q: During your activities, what is a song or performance you like the most?
YURI: I feel most alive and happiness when I feel a sense of accomplishment. Aside from the general public's response, those kinds of stages were exciting for me. The choreography for 'Catch Me If You Can' was difficult and it wasn't easy to do physically. Attempting that made it special in my heart. I personally like 'Kissing You', and it feels like one of those songs that I'll never be able to do again. I recall our vibe and energy during that time, and the song is pure and monumental for me.

Q: Your debut song 'Into the New World' was sung all around town and became the younger generation's 'morning dew'. Have you seen the video of Ewha Womans University students singing this during the candlelight rally?
YURI: I watched the video multiple times and I even got choked up and cried. It was a moment when I felt big sense of pride as a singer. It was a message I wanted to deliver through this occupation. The inspiration our music and performance delivered was also realized, so it was extraordinary. At the time of our debut, I could have been pretending with eyes, not fully understanding the meaning of the lyrics. But listening to the song after time passed, the lyrics touched home more.

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