"The Running Man" event. Bringing in my Birthday!

As most of you know Friday is a special Birthday for me (bloody 40!). Thursday will also be my last stream for abt 10 days due to hols as well. As a result I thought I'd do an event with some steam wallet credit as a prize. Thanks to some very generous peeps the prize will be $400!!! I intend to stream past midnight on Thurs and bring in my Birthday with you peeps! I will also be having a few drinks as well.

Here are the details for the event...

Server: Spaggie. UK. 1PP. Private. Events!

Time: Event should start abt 9pm UK time (4pm EST). When the server password will be released via my twitch chat. Spaces are first come first served. There are no reserved slots. (I have my kids on the night so there is a chance things may start late depending on how they get to sleep).

The Event: I will log into the server and start the stream a little ahead of everyone else and begin looting. The server will then be opened up to all. EVERYONE WILL BEGIN AS A NEW SPAWN. The objective is to be the first person to tie me up in the game and get the secret word from me when I am your captive. I will type the word into in game chat and you will then repeat it back in Twitch chat. The first person who types the secret word into my Twitch chat wins the $400 steam wallet.


The prize will be arranged and sent within 48hrs of the event ending. Please remember the next day is my 40th Birthday and so the winner can probably expect the prize to be sent on the Saturday if I cant do it while I'm streaming on the night.

You must be 18 or over to enter the event. If you are not and you win, the prize will be held back for a future event.

The event is open to all. You do not need to be a sub to enter the event.

Watching my stream while playing in the event IS permitted.

Killing me wins you nothing. If I die before being tied up I will carry on from where I respawn and the event carries on.

The secret word being typed in my twitch chat is the ONLY thing that wins the prize. If you successfully tie me up but someone else is close enough to see the word when typed and they type it first, they win. If you get killed just as i'm typing the word in, then whoever kills you and gets the word in chat wins. The act of being the one to do most of the work will not mean you definitely win, you will need to be aware of your surroundings and your competitors at all times. YOU ARE NOT THE WINNER UNTIL THE WORD IS TYPED IN CHAT!

No teaming! You need to be an individual in this. Squads are not permitted.

I will try to keep some rope or something on me but YOU need to be prepared. If you get me in a position to tie me up and you don't have the cuffs, you don't win!

Everyone else in the event is your competitor. If you wish to kill them or slow them down in anyway to increase your chances, feel free.

I will not comply under any circumstances. I will either try to kill you or escape until I am tied up. You need to be creative as to how you tie me up. However don't hurt me too badly, if i don't wake up, you don't win!

No glitching. If you suicide using a glitch you will be banned from the event. You can suicide for a new spawn by throwing yourself of a bridge etc if you need to get close to me. Admins will be monitoring the server logs, if you glitch suicide, you will be kicked and barred from entering future events.

Finally, I expect everyone that enters to play within the spirit of the event. Anyone that appears to be gaining an unfair advantage or not acting within the boundaries of what I and the mods consider to be fair play will be barred from the event. I expect all of us to respect each other and behave sensibly. Racism, sexism, homophobia etc will not be tolerated over VOIP. Behave sensibly please.

Good luck all,


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