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3rd Jul 2017 from TwitLonger

Whole situation with Owly Six and contracts termination! RTs appreciated.

Typing this cause I am a bit done with all of those lies. This might be long and not well written as english is not my native launguage, but you should understand.

So let's start in the beggining when Av3k and Strenx convinced owner of Owly Six (it was named Ozyria at that time) into making a 3 months bootcamp in Poland. At this moment we were playing in the roster me, Av3k, Strenx, Clawz, Silencep and Midna, we were not the best team but we had potential so we came at the bootcamp as 4 (Midna and Clawz couldnt come in the beggining) thinking that everything gonna be allright. So I've rented flat in my name, CEO of Owly bought PCs and we started bootcamp. Before leaving to France Yonix( this CEO) told us that we gonna sign contracts in next 2 weeks. So at this point you can guess that we never signed anything, but we were being told week after week that contracts should be ready soon. He even came in December with his Girlfriend to Poland to show us contracts (in fcking French ofc, so Strenx had to translate it to English). He came back to France, send us english version after few weeks and we were back on tracks with never signing anything. In the meantime Midna left team after month, so we were 5 we played a bit with stand ins but we gave up fast and last 2 months of bootcamp we didnt play at all, we were just waiting on contracts. Everytime Yoni came to Poland (it was 3 times if i remember correctly) he was comming up with new lies about money, contracts etc. Ofc he wasnt paying on time also so we had to delay with payment of rent and bills. So after 1 month of bootcamp and 2 months of drinking, partying and playing rankeds all days we came back to our homes. At least we had some fun. (To mention he still didnt pay all of the bills, after telling him that several times and hearing that he gonna do it tommorow I finally had to pay it by myself)

Month after that even tho we knew how much Yoni likes to lie, me and Av3k wanted to give him second chance. He invited us to Paris to his house to talk about new lineup. We stayed there month, cause we had to wait on I dont even know what, everything was taking ages but we made our mind and we pulled mix of Polish and Russians the team that you could see playing last 3 months. Of course contract negotiations couldnt go easy. First it was 1000euro and 6 months contracts, it was fine, but it was only Yonix imagination. I never mentioned his mother, the real CEO of Owly, even tho on paper its Yonix, after consultation with mother we ended with 500euro and 8 months. We agreed on that, we just wanted to lower buyouts to sign with Txao, as he was after playing with COL and we didnt want to block him if somebody wanted to sign him. Both sides agreed to longer contracts with lower buyouts, but one day later there are new terms 500 euro and 12 months of duration with higher buyouts, it was some sort of xD negotiations but we ended up agreeing to those terms I dunno even why. So we left France in the middle of March, we were supposed to start with contracts at 1st April(started playing for Owly in the middle of the March). As soon as we left France everything came back to being normal, everything late, no time on anything. After pressuring them we signed contracts around 5-7th of April? Something like this, of course everyone but me. They had to make special version of contract for coach.. U can guess now.. It was the version that they never made.
But at least I was getting paid on time, not like Russians. They received first salary month later at Gamers Assembly.

I dont even want to talk much about LANs, at GA everything wasnt on time, if tournament wasnt delayed they would disqualify us, we were 2 hours late.. Being late is what Yonix likes, on LANs we were using special "Yonix time", whenever he said 5 minutes, it was 5 Yoni minutes and that meant around 30 minutes minimum. One example when we were leaving Paris in March we didnt make it on time and we missed our bus cause Yonix didnt think that there might be little traffic in center of fcking Paris xD and he was rolling another joint. Oh yea he is smoking weed every day, maybe thats why he has no time on anything and he is late everywhere.

Now after telling the story I am gonna talk a bit about end of the Owly Six OW team.
Its again about negotiations with them, Av3k came to Yonix and told him that he can represent Owly Six on QuakeCon, while we would play with unpaid standin for 3 months, he wanted to help him having 2 games while paying just like for Overwatch Team. He agreed on that, but this is the thing with negotiating with Yonix he thinks that he can take the part thats good to him and fuck the part that makes him do something, he thought that he gonna fire OW team and just send Av3k to QuakeCon xD. So they terminated the contracts with the reason of team performance (its bullshit, they dont have money and thats why) but funny part is that this termination is not valid in terms of the contract. They did write so stupid contracts that it didnt even include us getting terminated for bad performance. Another thing is that they contacted me and Av3k, they didnt even tell players whats going on I just had to mention everyone that they are fired. It happened around 15th of June, so while looking on contract, termination takes 14 days, so till the end of June. But here we go, Yonix said that he is not gonna pay for June cause if not investing in Quake they gonna end activity of Owly. He broke the deal that Av3k gave him, he wanted to help him having player on QuakeCon in Dallas for free, but ofc Yonix had to pull some shady stuff as always and after that he expected that part of the deal where Av3k plays for 500 euro is still up. I bet that stoping activity is another lie or they still didnt realise that they wont make it to QuakeCon with 500 euro and 30% of cash prize for them xD

The funniest part is that the termination of contracts starts while players receive official letter from Owly, after that it takes 14 days, but they never received any letter they only heard from me that Owly quits and thats it. I dont know French law, but or its as stupid as most of french people that i met(people outside of gaming) or it cant be that something is written in the contract and u dont have to respect that at all, so If they never received those letters their contracts where never terminated, they are still in Owly, they should still play and get paid. On top of that, they called Av3k and told him that he is still under contract, but only him. They realised that they fcked up, cause they broke deal with Av3k and now he wont sign with them for 500 euro while being top player in Quake. The problem with the contract is that its contract only for Overwatch thats how its written so he cant play Quake for them with this contract, again funny part that they dont even pay him but they call him that contract is still active, even tho they fired him xD They just revert termination cause they are morons and they didnt realise that this time someone gonna say no to their awful terms :D I dont know whole story with the CS team that they fcked (it was pretty loud case in France), but I can bet that Yonix promissed them around 1.5k euro salary, then he didnt send contracts for 3 months and then he told them to fck off through whats up.

To sum up, If anyone ever gonna talk with Owly, just be carefull, be prepared that u shouldnt negotiate and you just have to accept what they say. Never make deals also! Last thing tell Yonix in the beggining to shut up and stop telling bullshit and just listen to what his mother says cause she is the only one pulling strings there, he is only nice lier while promising his unreal dreams. Smoking weed and playing Overwatch all days long, repeating that he has no time to do anything, thats what he does.

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