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3rd Jul 2017 from TwitLonger

Complete Roster Update

We'd like to take this time to ask all of our fans to please welcome @FnaticCusta to our roster as our new Flex Support! Custa has been a big name in the scene for quite some time, playing with Fnatic and earning numerous impressive finishes during his time with the team. We're confident he will be able to provide what's missing in the team due to his vast experience during his previous career opportunities and will bring us back to our previous form.

With Custa joining our lineup, @GingerpopOW will be making the transition from Flex Support to IGL Lucio role. We're confident in his ability to continually make plays and lead the team both in and out of game.

Additionally, we'd like to welcome back @Jerkkit, filling the role of Life Coach/Team Manager and @pyren700 aka Kitta, filling the role of Analyst/Strategist. We're excited to be working with them once again and have been hard at work preparing for the Beat Invitational!

Our current roster is as follows:


We are actively searching for a Head Coach - to apply send a DM to our official twitter or to @Jerkkit

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