Alex Mauer now in custody

This will hopefully be the last time anyone needs to talk about this, but Leonard French informed everyone that last night, Alex Mauer has been taken into custody for her own safety and the safety of others. She had been utilizing information gathered from counterclaims to her dmcas to email, call and threaten some of the channels involved and had yesterday attempted to issue a claim through Youtubes Legal Support department declaring my video illegal, due to alleged harassment she had received as a result of it. When YouTube replied asking which law the video violated and how, she replied saying that all the proof they needed was on her twitter and that YouTube would be personally responsible for attacks on the transgender community and that she would begin issuing death threats as she chose, because the "police had told her the people threatening her were exercising their first amendment rights".

As you are well aware if you've watched the video it contains no incitement of any sort, no call to action and absolutely no transphobic content of any kind. Her transgender identity is not brought up during the video and only became a subject of discussion after she repeatedly mentioned it in public and started to use it as a defense of some sort. There was no chance that this attempted takedown of the video would work and I personally consider it bordering on libel, though I intend to take no legal action against someone who is obviously troubled and in need of help. I personally condemn any form of harasssment which is why that was present in all caps right under the video. I am also not naive enough to be believe that telling trolls to stop trolling actually works and know that giving them too much attention actually feeds their behavior rather than lessens it. They want a reaction, the only way to deal with them is to freeze them out and ignore them.

A few days ago I expressed the opinion on Twitter that Alex appeared to be having emotional problems and pointed out that a human life is more important than all of this and that I hoped that I was wrong, that the increasingly irrational and threatening posts as well as the obviously misguided actions of Alex were not the result of some deep-seated emotional and mental issues. I don't enjoy being right, this is just sad, very very sad. Nobody wanted it to come to this, but it has and the best thing we can hope for at this point is that Alex receives the help she needs. I have no desire to see the destruction of a person over misguided, fixable dmca takedowns, merely that they be put right and that the issues between Alex and her contractor be resolved amicably.

So hopefully ends a sad saga. Nobody won here. There's nothing to celebrate. I hope all the channels affected have their counterclaims processed soon so they can get back to a sense of normalcy. I gotta go and get my chemo pump disconnected now. I feel a little sicker than usual and this time I know it's not the chemo that's doing it.