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29th Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

I was dropped from Splyce from a management decision

So I am posting this to make everyone aware of the situation. I am being dropped from splyce by management. Has nothing to do with game play even though my teammates and coach fought for this NOT to happen. These are some of my closest friends in cs, obviously they didn't want this.

To start this off, this is by far the worst communication I have ever experienced within an org which basically led to all of this. Some of the stuff that went on is actually pathetic but I don't have much time to get in detail.

Marty(owner of splyce) has hated my guts since the removal of crucial which turned our relationship upside down from that point on. I even thought we worked out that situation but clearly was not the case and held a grudge vs me to this day. I felt strongly that my job was on the line each day.. especially after each change. Marty made every situation me vs the other player and would leave me out of each roster move discussion as everyone else talked with him.

I got this information through our coach, Eley. I was informed that splyce did not see me as a long term player and wanted to make a move in off season as we were struggling. I find this being one of the main reasons for being dropped hilarious because another team wanted me but after getting the situation figured out and I stayed, I asked to re-sign to show my loyalty and was given the answer "your contract runs out in 6-7 months" then went on to say we were already paid extremely high for premier. At the time of him saying this we were already back in pro league.(have SS of skype but will not post out of respect).

The only thing splyce wanted was to make it back into pro league. At the time our roster wasn't capable of doing this so I wanted a lot of changes done, adding roca/kory and lastly removing arya. In the process of making changes I turned into the "bad guy" in Splyce's eyes which I heard frequently through our coach that Spylce thought this way and that I'm the only one wanting to make these "changes". Strange that the last lineup went 3-23 in EPL but I'm trying to build a team to compete and I get fucked because of it.

TL;DR - Just read you trolls :)

Thanks for the support! Hope this clears everything up. Moving forward ill see my options, sucks because I feel like im in the best form of my life but everything happens for a reason!

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