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28th Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

Not Attending FIWC LUL

As most of you now know, i will not be attending FIWC in Doha, Qatar due to safety reasons aswell as i have studies and work i need to attend. As i am extremely disappointed i can't go, the organisation and communication for such a "high quality" "Well Respected" event has been absolutely terrible.

They changed the Dates of the event 3 times within the space of 4 weeks and people can't get time off work quick enough to attend. It has been handled very poorly and i am very upset that i am not able to go and compete for a spot i qualified 1st in February for. As this is the biggest event of the year, i am extremely annoyed but looking forward to FIFA 18.

Not only that, now they have changed the entire game mode from FIFA Ultimate Team to Normal h2h Kick Off mode when everyone has been practicing and playing FUT all year LOL. As for the Saudi Arabian players i honestly feel for them aswell, as they are not even aloud to enter the country of Qatar due to the circumstances going on there at the moment, as doing so would result in Jail Time, WTF.

FIWC Still wouldn't changed location to benefit all players qualified for this tournament.

Anyways, i hope you understand and i appreciate your continued support.
Best of luck to all players attending, hopefully someone from Australia can qualify for FIWC Final in London just to put my mind at ease and calm me down LOL.

Feel free to retweet, like and let the people know the real reason behind the scenes as to why there are so many players missing from the event.

Thanks Marko.

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