Responding to the most recent statement put out by @exxxotica

Issue #1 Ron Jeremy:
I honestly don't care whether or not you pay Ron Jeremy to come to the expo, you still hire and schedule him for your panels. You put his name out there because you want to bring in more ticket sales. As a person you can take the multiple accounts of allegations of sexual assault against Ron Jeremy, and you can decide what to believe. There is enough evidence out there for you to make a decision on it. Your lack of an answer is just you not wanting to piss off your buddy RJ. I respect manyvids so much for how they handle these accusations.

Issue #2 Hover Hands:
It is not up to you to decide what is an appropriate amount of physical contact between the performers and fans. Some don't want any physical contact in pictures, an that is completely fine for them to decide. You giving the fans the impression that physical contact should be EXPECTED is not ok. NO ONE is saying you are ok with the performers being attacked, but we think you aren't doing enough to prevent it from happening at the expo. And your comments online/lack of response over RJ just make us all less comfortable attending your events.

Issue #3 Hooking Up With Fans:
I might not have gone into enough detail on this part on twitter.....your comments about how you would have a 100% chance of hooking up with the performers if you'd wanted disgusted me the most actually..... "it's always funny to see what girls offer up to someone in charge" is what you said if I remember correctly. And that's just one quote. What kind of impression is that giving the fans?
A video of me fucking my boyfriend of 8 years in the bathroom, and not wanting to disclose that it was my boyfriend to my fans, is nothing similar to what you were trying to do on reddit to sell more tickets. If you read the comments, my fans and I talked about it being my boyfriend almost immediately.

Issue #4 Your Daughter:
Your comments were that you hoped to raise your daughter to make "good decisions". That insinuates that us in the industry are baking bad decisions. Quit trying to make this about your daughters age, because it's completely transparent attempt to change the subject. You are a hypocrite who profits off an industry you do not completely support.

Issue #5 Adult Performers relationships:
You ignored how you made insensitive comments about how adult performers couldn't have successful relationships.

You don't pay BIG NAME stars to attend. You don't pay people who perform on the main stage at the expo. You let people like pay to appear. Seems like money is the most important thing to you, and not how safe or comfortable your performers are. In closing I hope performers will no longer lend their appearance to the owner of an expo that doesn't seem like an ally to sex workers but just someone who wants to profit off of us.

Ginger Banks

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