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27th Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

Sadly, I won't be at The International this year, here's why

I recently learned from Valve that I won't be asked to host The International this year. After hosting the event for the last two years, I am obviously sad not to be chosen to do so again.

While I'm personally disappointed, I don't have any bad feelings towards Valve. This is a business, they must do what they believe is right for their product and honestly that's the business I chose to work in. I think our fans often forget how we get hired for events. It's rare that we get to choose which events we want to do and much more about who the event organiser wants to hire. Part of that is popularity, part of it is skill and ability and part of it is the x-factor - what does the organiser want their event to look and feel like. Sometimes, that's not going to be me, that's just how it is.

So while I won't be at the event, I haven't fallen out of love with Dota, far from it and I will be doing more dota events in the future. Again, Valve have been very kind in letting me know early enough to book other events and shows during the period I'd usually reserve in case I was asked to do The International and I'd like to thank them for that and all of the previous opportunities they have given me on Majors and the International events. They have been among my all time favourite events to work on.

I wish valve, the teams and players and all of the talent who bring you the show the very best of luck, I'll miss you all <3

p.s. If they start selling a Jakiro model in the shop, someone please buy one and bring it back to the UK, I'll pay you for it!

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