As Alex Mauer continues to publicly post bizarre things and send strange emails to people I am genuinely concerned that this is a serious cry for help from somebody who may be in danger of harming themselves. I can't process the idea that somebody would so publicly and persistently self destruct their career and credibility without doing so on purpose, out of some deep-seated problem. It excuses nothing but ultimately the well-being of a person is and always should be the priority. If anybody knows her IRL, please try and make contact, check on her. These posts of hers that she made just a few hours ago on the steam forums are so utterly bizarre, the contradictions in them, the utterly delusional nature of what's being said, I can't helped but be worried for this persons safety. I just can't rationalize the notion that somebody would keep saying these things without there being some severe underlying cause for it. Is that naive? Better to be thought naive than miss a cry for help from another human being. Her Despicable actions are not in dispute, but I hope somebody is able to make sure she is ok before something unthinkable happens. I really hope I'm wrong about this.