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22nd Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

Leaving @Barrage as a player

Hey anyone that clicked on my post i would just like to say i left Barrage eSports as a player. If you want to read more in depth on why i left read below.

One of the bigger reasons why i left was because Love The Lads aka @eutwistedfate have not been enjoying league and has stepped down and agreed it would be better to get another uk adc instead of playing with him, but since its hard to come by UK adcs that can compete with the botlanes in UK masters
And i havent felt that good playing in teams recently, and i would like to focus on my self improvement in soloq and as a person, i have decided to leave the team.
The team will now get a UK Master tier jungler which is just as good as me if not better, and import adc which will be high master/challenger.

Barrage will do an announcement on this soon but i just wrote this to clear up i left Barrage LOL team as a player on good terms and is now doing some manager work for them until they find someone who can do it.

TLDR: Left Barrage as a player to focus on self improvement and give them a better chance of competeting in UK Masters.

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