The Incident w/ DaShizWiz at EVO 2013

The subject of DaShizWiz’s return has come up again. The last time he attempted a return was around Paragon Orlando. At that point, I was against his return based on an incident around EVO 2013, where he verbally threatened my then girlfriend, Mimi (aka Mimi Legend), in her own home. I was told that I shouldn’t try so hard to put someone’s personal life on blast. I was also told his criminal record shouldn’t matter, especially since many of his charges were dropped. However, the main reason I opposed his return is because of that particular incident with Mimi, as this actually involved a smasher, whereas his criminal record did not. I didn’t broadcast this story as loudly as I could back then since I was discouraged from sharing it by other members of the community stating that if he’s attempting to change, be a better person, and involve himself in the Smash Community once more, we should allow him that chance.

He had a chance to prove he had reformed, but was later arrested once more for assault against a gas station clerk in early 2016. I figured that was the end of that, but he has returned.

I do feel that a criminal record alone should not be reason enough to remove a smasher from the community unless the crime was completely heinous (rape, murder, etc). However, when such a criminal record is mixed in with a past threat to a Smasher, and if chances have been given in the past, I then feel the need to voice myself against his inclusion in the community. I obviously don’t have the authority to make such decisions, but I can express that I don’t feel another chance should be given so quickly, as he’s been given chances in the past, and I don’t wish to wait to see how it goes this time. I now feel compelled to share my account of what happened when he threatened Mimi to make it clear that this isn’t just about his criminal record, but also about threats that actually affected a fellow smasher.

Let me start off my saying that Mimi and I are no longer on speaking terms, and haven’t been for a few months. While I’ve been made aware that she’s tweeted about the incident, I don’t have access to her twitter, and have made no attempt to collaborate with her on sharing this account. That is, I have no incentive to work with her, and my only purpose here is to share my account so that you may all decide for yourselves what you’d like to do with this information.

Let me also state that some details may differ slightly from her account, but the ultimate message of his threats remain the same. I’ll also state that there were 8 total notable smashers present in her home, including Mimi, DaShizWiz, and myself, during this incident. I will omit their names as I’m not sure if they want to be involved in this.

Let me set up the incident by starting at the weekend of EVO 2013. Mimi housed several smashers, including Shiz. Mimi expressed to me he was not initially offered housing by her directly, and he came along with other smashers. She also expressed to me that he had weed on him at her family’s home during the weekend (not during the incident), and was generally a rude house guest. This is not meant to describe his character, but rather to set up the incident that occurred later. I did not witness his behavior as a houseguest myself, but I can confirm that Mimi was insanely stressed throughout the weekend due to issues with poor houseguests, including Shiz, and she informed me of this on a regular basis. He and other houseguests were not allowed to return that Sunday I believe, which leads me to the incident that occurred on the Monday following EVO 2013.

Shiz had arrived at Mimi’s house that Monday to retrieve what I remember being his necklace with 2 other smashers. Upon entering, he was calm, and was simply seeking to retrieve his necklace. Mimi was upset that they had returned, but nonetheless was okay with him quickly finding his necklace and departing. I believe he was unable to find it immediately, so it was taking time for them to leave. Mimi was becoming angry as she brought up her grievances with the rudeness exhibited by her former houseguests over the weekend and the tension started mounting. It all came to a boil when Mimi noticed Shiz still had his shoes on in the house, which was against her house rules, which she had expressed prior over the weekend. Her anger built up, and she demanded that Shiz leave her house immediately, as is her right to do so in her own family’s home.

Shiz did not immediately leave. Mimi then became louder, as she does not shy away from speaking her mind, and more fiercely demanded that he leave. This was when Shiz essentially snapped.

He came in close to Mimi, loud, shoulders up, head cocked forward, and leaned in several times as he yelled “WRONG N***A!” to her face in complete anger. I say he snapped because I had never seen Shiz this angry, and he seemed like a completely different person who was not willing to hold back. It was definitely the classic type of posturing I’ve seen when a person is ready to fight. There was no need for this either. Mimi is tiny, Shiz is a pretty big dude. Mimi did not really back down however.

I immediately got up from where I was sitting and stood up closer to Mimi as I noticed the potential for physical violence was there. Shiz claims that I stayed on the couch the whole time as evidence of us manipulating this story, but I think his lack of memory on this fact has more to do with his state of emotions at that very moment. I definitely stood up next to Mimi when this happened. I started saying something along the lines of “ay ay, wtf man calm down”, as the people who drove him there were suggesting he calm down as well. I remember vividly the attempts to calm him down. Tensions had definitely escalated among everyone in the room.

He then started yelling “Where’s your Daddy at?” multiple times while maintaining the threatening posture. I can’t even begin to interpret what that meant lol. However, it was at this point my anger boiled up further, mostly because Mimi was extremely close to her Dad, and he had passed away earlier that year, though I doubt Shiz was aware of this. I no longer cared to calm the situation down, and told his friends something along the lines of “Get him the fuck out of here” as Shiz continued to yell the things he was yelling.

As he walked away with his friend guiding him back to the door, he yelled “I bet you suck good dick!” multiple times. All this occurring in her family’s home, where she lived with her Mother, and younger brother FOW, though neither were present at the time as far as I recall.

As I recall, Shiz kept stating things angrily as he walked toward the car. I stood at the doorway once they got in the car to make sure they left, and waited outside for a moment afterward to make sure they weren’t returning.

As you can tell from my account, he didn’t directly say “I’m going to hurt you”, and he didn’t physically touch her. This is simply my account of what happened that day, and it is by this account, within the context of his violent criminal record and multiple chances of reform, that I don’t think it’s safe to have him around our community. People say that my issues with Shiz are personal, and they definitely are. This personally happened to me and someone I cared about, but that doesn’t stop it from being relevant to his return to Smash. I certainly don’t trust him around me or my loved ones, which includes smashers, but I do believe in chances. However, in this case, I think something more than just a “hey guys, I’m back again!” is warranted.

And before you write this incident off as insignificant, despite his criminal record and the chances he’s had before, I ask you to consider if you’d think this was an insignificant incident if it were your sister, mother, or partner who was put into this situation.

As of this morning, I’ve become aware that he’s shown he’s taken steps toward managing his anger through anger management sessions. I think this type of thing is what should compel people to give him a chance to return. However, he still contended that Mimi and I are attempting to fabricate a story to keep him out. Mimi isn’t regularly involved in the Smash community anymore, so his exclusion barely affects her, and yet she’s still speaking. I also have no reason to want to keep him or anyone out of the scene unless there was in fact a moment where I felt there could be a danger to me or other smashers.

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