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21st Jun 2017 from TwitLonger

A changed man - DaShizWiz

Ok guys, there has been a lot of controversy lately about me. And people talking of incidents of my past. They say that I am not a changed man, they say that I have an exquisite criminal record and that I also am a violent person. Well, let me make this truthful for everyone. YES, I WAS a violent person. YES, I do have an exquisite criminal record. I am not denying any of those facts. I am sorry for the way that I was and the things I have done in my life. I am ashamed for a lot that has happened up till now. I did not mean to hurt anyone emotionally, or the people that I have hurt physically, although none of them are smashers (but that doesn't matter because it shouldn't have been done in the first place). That is all past tense, lets now jump to the present. From the incident that happened at a Gas Station with a clerk, I was put on a years worth of probation. Where I am forced to do 2 drug screens (urine test) twice a month. I was also made to attend 14 Group classes of Anger Management and also including Substance Abuse treatment. I have finished these classes. I am still to do two random urine test a month until I am off of probation in August. Now to touch up on another important subject that happened back in Cali in 2013. Let me clarify that although this was in the past I feel really ashamed as a human being for treating the situation like i did at the time. I saw a tweet from Mimi saying I had "Weed and alcohol in the house when she told me not to have it". Which is definitely false. What is also false is the fact that she says Hugs got in the middle, because that didn't happen either. He sat on the couch while she was speaking to me. I had just arrived on a plane to my destination. I never snuck weed onto a plane nor did I have any to bring to Mimi's house. What was offered to me, at the house was beer. She makes it seem as if I was the only one drinking beer, but there was about 5-10 people drinking a beer. I myself did not go and buy the beer that was offered to me, so I thought it was ok to have it in the house. Out of everyone, she approached me rudely saying "I thought you were so much cooler than that! You need to get out of here this is my moms house what makes you think you can drink in here!" I at the time didn't know this was an issue because as I mentioned, there was at least 5 to 10 other people drinking beer, but I guess since I am "DaShizWiz" I was some type of rolemodel so she came directly towards me with no type of sympathy or tone that was friendly and that is what I took offense to. It was the fact on how she approached me and talked to me that offended me and I rebuttled. I do not mind admitting to things that I have done in the past, but I will never admit to something I havent done. I understand a lot of people will still have their own opinions about everything and I respect that. I did wrong in the past and I did not learn from it then. Currently Im living with my mother right now getting my life back together. As many of you may have noticed I have been streaming a ton lately and there has been a lot of positive response to it. I really feel that this game and potentially this community is my solace to all of this. I know its alot harder than just saying Im sorry and moving passed it, but in the position Im in right now there isnt much I can do but apologize to every single person of this community that I love and put everything out there. Again there will be people who will still not accept me and that is fine with me. Im not here to make everyone happy or convince anyone of anything. Im just writing to you all to let you know that I am truly sorry on how I have behaved in the past to many of you. Im changing for the better and I believe this is a first step for me personally. Im alot more public now than I have ever been through streaming. If anyone is personally doubting me then please feel free to message me and let me know how you feel. Or even swing by when im streaming Im always talking to everyone there. Now to the next subject, the tweets about me. Starting with MikeHaze, I do believe most of this was triggered because lately I have been streaming smash on my DSWBronson twitch channel and he can see that a lot of smashers are welcoming me back into the smash community and smash scene with open arms. He wants to remind people that I am a bad person. But he is doing this by going about what happened at Mimi's house, and me getting arrested in April of this year, which was a felony charge yes. As I have said, I am on probation from the incident that happened at the gas station. So it is very easy to violate probation. I explained that I was speeding in my moms car, I was pulled over and since I am on probation the car was searched and they found my moms pills. I was taken to jail, and charged with a violation of probation and a felony charge of drug possession. It didn't take long for my mom to send the courts her prescription for the pills that were in the car and then I was released from jail, and my felony charge was dropped. It is frustrating for me that Mikehaze would tweet the smash community saying how I have a felony charge, when in reality I don't it was a misunderstanding and it was dropped. He could of easily came to me and asked what this was about. But considering my past and that he doesn't like me his intentions were to never understand what had happened, his intentions were to sabotage my name. I am very sorry for the things that I have done and the impression I have left on some people in the community. But I am not that old person that didn't learn from his mistakes. If anyone would like to talk about this please message me. If anyone doesn't believe I have went through 14 extensive group classes of therapy of Anger Management and substance abuse I will upload pictures of evidence. Thank you guys for taking the opportunity to read this.

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