The Future

It has been a long 5 months playing CS with Tainted Minds but today I announce I will be re-evaluating my options and stepping back from the main Tainted Minds lineup as of today. It has been a great experience playing with the boys, especially from the start with such young , talented and enthusiastic players, it was a fresh start I needed. However cracks do appear to show when things do not go ones way as they were so use to in the past. Especially when you yourself have put in so much effort, it just tires you out, hence why a fresh start is so needed for me personally. I want to thank the management at Tainted for being as supportive as they were; it’s rare in this day and age in e-sports that you find organisations that are so willing to accommodate to their family and I’m sure they will be accommodating in any transfers. For now I will try to stream as much as I can and enjoy health/fitness/family a bit more then I have in the past, and will be considering professional options in CS.

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