The Latest Interview about Monster Hunter: World

*Monster Hunter: World has been in development for four years.
*Originally, it was going to be called "Monster Hunter 5", but the development team really liked the name, "World" (Japanese ワールド).
*The Base Camp spawns in random places. Each time a hunt starts, hunters will be at a different Base Camp.
*Hunters can change weapons and armor midhunt by going to the Base Camp.
**This feature was added due to there usually being multiple large monsters in an area and from each having a different strength or weakness.
*Hunters can now hunt freely without being held back by the main objective/quest, even if the quest is complete. Hunters can hunt freely without any limits now.
*Hunters use Scout Flies as guides to help them navigate the area if they can't find the monster and to find certain items, including drool and footprints.
*The monsters can easily change the environment you are fighting in with certain attacks and destroying certain objects.
*Each large monster in a location has a territory in a certain part of the area. In some cases, hunters may need to lure another threat into their territory in order to get their target to reveal itself.
*By hiding from monsters, hunters can avoid fighting them or prepare for a silent escape from the battle.
*Capcom thought about giving the monsters health bars due to a majority of people. Globally, fans requested for a way to see how much damage they were dealing, so Capcom decided to add damage numbers to the this game.
*The Quest Giver was fully voiced in English, and she sent the hunter on a quest to hunt an Anjanath, the T-rex-like monster shown in the reveal.
*Hunters can quickly pick up resources as they run by, meaning you don’t have to stop and wait for foraging animations.

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