for anybody else that wants to ask me to join streamaddons or any other group ill just leave this here so i dont have to keep repeating myself, thanks but no thanks im ok hosting my own addons thats what i told tvaddons and everyone else that has asked in the past. plus ive herd that streamaddons is affiliated to some unscrupulous characters so im not going to join a group who have just appeared from nowhere especially. when you have got a team like xunity thats been around forever willing to host any developer that wants to go that route. if i was ever to join a team it would be @xunitytalk not some fly by night group that is looking to take advantage of a bad situation so if your a developer looking for a new home think about it dont the tales of we offer complete anonymity on a secure server sound familiar wasnt those the same things you were sold on when you joined tvaddons who folded at the first sign of trouble and just cast you all off in to despair

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