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3rd Jun 2017 from TwitLonger


Following our poor showing in Columbus, the eUnited CoD roster faced its first set of obstacles. Our performance in Stage 1 resulted in disagreement between the players. The entire roster is willing to work through these challenges except for Gunless.

We would like to make it clear that Gunless is NOT benched. He is demanding to be moved and refusing to practice with the team. At eUnited, we are committed to the careers of our players and in the case of Gunless we have tried to explore accommodating his request to be traded. However, we are not prepared to trade him unless we receive like value in kind.

It is important that our fans know we are committed to fielding the most competitive team possible and that winning is paramount to our organization. Gunless is extremely talented and we take his concerns seriously but we are not comfortable moving him or any player just because they want us to.

We are very sorry that Gunless decided to make a public announcement. Our expectation is that he will continue to play for eUnited and fulfill his contractual obligations.

In the meantime, we will explore all options to resolve this matter so it benefits Gunless, the other members of our team, our fans and the CoD community. We are still hopeful that he Gunless will play and perform to the highest level at MLG Anaheim and through COD XP and be the Gunless we all know and love.

- Gunless isn't benched
- Refusing to play with team
- Have looked to move him but haven't found the right fit
- Staying competitive is what is important for the org
- We are hopeful we can resolve the situation internally

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