LAG Peirce · @Gunless

3rd Jun 2017 from TwitLonger


Hey guys. it sucks that I have to write this but I am being benched from eUnited because they wouldn’t allow me to explore different options that were presented to me after our poor placing at Stage 1 Playoffs. Even though when we signed the contract and helped build their name, the owners told us they wouldn’t hold us back if we got bigger and better offers in the future. I wasn’t confident going into anymore tournaments with this squad due to the lack of dedication and drive and people not able to adapt regardless of how much time we sat on it. I brought this up to my organization that I had offers on the table and I wanted to explore them and I tried to come to a decision with them peacefully but they wouldn’t budge and wouldn’t allow me to leave for a better team that could benefit my career a lot, because eunited wouldn’t benefit from it. Even tho they would get the largest buyout in cod history that I ever heard of. So now here we are going public with all of this just to let you guys know why I’m not playing with my team or going to events. I’m just going to be sitting back drinking some Arnold Palmers collecting a check. I was naive to believe the org would honor their word and let me go to bigger and better opportunities. Now I’m in contract jail with a $100,000 buyout…I hope my fans will understand and continue to support me. it looks like ill be able to stream for you guys now lol

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