[Gainstacomment] 170531 Some of the comments she left on her posts today

- Guys
- because i am worried so much
- of you who's worried of me
- (so i post this) post .
- yeah
- i take the risk
- (so) i posted

- i'm tired
- *snort
- pfft
- let's snort
- i've a lot fighting and cursing crime
- so
- i held back for things like that
- i never hit people. But i did curse
- Kids, just because of the human beings who left those kinds of comments
- the only sns that make me able to communicate with you
- i don't wish to end it
- Joke like pregnancy, of course it's something that should be celebrated
- but since it's not the truth
- do not make a joke of pregnancy
- to all of the female celebrities who working hard and even sacrifice their own body to maintain their image even up till now
- just go eat a snort ㅋ huh

Translated by @gainstagram
Take out with full credit

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