Coming out of Atlantic City after placing T16 with Illicit Gaming many roster changes were in effect. With the issue of members such as Strangulate leaving, Visions retiring, and Sneaky being released from the team, Illicit only had one option left for the Gears of War team to do. Illicit upper management came to an agreement with Dfazio and Fanatic, these members would need to have a set roster no later than the second week of May. Just recently at the end of this week May 20, 2017 Dfazio and Fanatic both decided to finally contact the upper management late this week trying to receive full funding, but in order to receive the full funding this team would have needed to contact the managers a week earlier. The reason behind this time being set was because jersey's needed to be ordered, flights had to be set, and rooms had to be purchased. With the Gears team failing in this task, they were still offered two flights, hotel, and team pass all fully covered. At this point and time the only thing left for the team to do was to purchase the last three flights for the tournament. The team declined this offer and with this happening the Gears team was released. Even with the team being released they were still given the team pass for this event in Las Vegas.

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