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20th May 2017 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] ㅡ Hyoyeon GRAZIA (June) Interview

"It's SNSD's 10th anniversary this year. I still can't believe 10 years have passed already. The members are working hard at preparing to spend this year meaningfully, so please look forward to it!"

Q: You looked like you were enjoying the shoot. What score would you give for your mood today?
A: A perfect score! I feel happy just wearing pretty clothes. If I like the outfit, along with shoots, I'm able to practice with a happier heart. Today is that kind of day.

Q: Every person has their own style, what kind of style do you prefer?
A: In the past, I liked clothing styles that were flashy and colorful. I boldly mixed and matched primary colors. Some people probably thought, 'How can she attempt things like that?' (laughs). Nowadays, I like styles with toned down colors than before, with simple patterns like stripes. Kind of like a street style that is a bit more refined and mature? Even if it's expensive, if it's a style I don't like, it doesn't look good.

Q: You've done various individual activities recently. What do you have the most affection for out of them all?
A: I especially remember 'Hyoyeon's 10 Million Likes'. Revealing my life to fans was really enjoyable. If 'Hyoyeon's 1 Million Likes', done prior, was centered around me, 'Hyoyeon's 10 Million Likes' was more about me and my people, so it was a lot more diverse. Also, something I worked really hard on, as it was that much more burdensome, was 'Hit the Stage'. I was the senior out of all the other singers on the show, so there was a lot of pressure to show a great stage. I was proud of the good results that followed all my hard work.

Q: Your first solo promotions with the single 'Mystery' was successful, too.
A: It's an unforgettable time for me. More than anything, I was able to feel how different solo promotions were from group activities. There was pressure from having to fill a 3-minute long stage alone, and there were a lot more things I had to pay attention to because I was alone. After finishing it, there was a lot more I wanted to do. It made me think that I'd want to consistently release singles for fans, who are currently waiting for SNSD, don't get bored. And so I want to be someone who is always ready.

Q: Maybe that's why I feel like you're absorbed in managing yourself both externally and internally.
A: After solo activities, I've definitely put an effort into managing myself more. I recently started English lessons, too. And I'm consistently doing vocal practices. Because I know that having things prepared one by one, it will help to perfect SNSD and solo activities more.

Q: It's not easy maintaining a group for 10 years. Seeing members uphold your teamwork by supporting other members' solo activities, as usual, is impressive.
A: Is it because we see each other occasionally (laughs)? There's a fondness that wasn't felt when we spent 24 hours together when we lived in a dorm. Because we enjoy just seeing each other. It's something that's magnified after doing solo activities. When you go on music shows, singers around you are in groups and are gathered in pairs. There's a bit of an empty feeling being left by myself. I felt that it would feel reassuring if my members were just next to me. So after doing solo activities, I wanted to see 'SNSD', so I watched a group stage, and it was amazing. Us putting on a flashy performance, and how it's already been 10 years.

Q: Is there a personal method of yours to spend the summer in a hot way?
A: How about spending this summer listening to my second solo single releasing in this hot summer (laughs)? I'm working hard on preparing for it, so please look forward to it!

"While preparing my single album, the thing I put most emphasis on is being 'Hyoyeon-like'. I thought a lot and worked hard in order to show my own music, song, and performance that I could not through SNSD's stages. I'm also anticipating this 'hot' stage I will be returning with this summer!"

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