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19th May 2017 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] ㅡ COSMOPOLITAN INTERVIEW ㅡ Sooyoung's Sweet Vacation

The brilliant summer sun shining down in Bali. Sooyoung left for a sweet vacation there.

-How long has it been since you've last been to Bali?
SOOYOUNG: It's my first time here! I've heard how nice it is here for a while, but it was even nicer than I was expecting.

-It's surprising that it's your first time in Bali. It seemed like there wouldn't be a place that you haven't been to in the world for some reason. Is there a moment or place that you liked in particular?
SOOYOUNG: I went rafting after the shoot ended. I'm normally afraid of water, but rafting was safer than expected and seeing the vast nature was nice. It was tiring rowing, but it was so fun that I didn't even notice how 2 hours went by.

-How do you usually spend your time on vacation?
SOOYOUNG: It's nice going sightseeing here and there, but there are plenty of things to enjoy within a resort as well. I signed up for a yoga class this time, and did yoga while listening to birds. I tend to turn my phone off, swim, eat tasty foods, and rest while enjoying all the amenities in the resort.

-I feel like you'd have your own know-hows when it comes to packing for trips.
SOOYOUNG: I'm really good at packing. It's to the point where other unnies I vacation with ask me to pack their things for them. I put out all the items I'm going to take, and start filling my bag thinking about Tetris. In my book, there is not anything that cannot fit in my bag. Haha. I usually put clothes where the wheels on the bag are. As I get closer to where the handle is, I start placing things that are fragile and my makeup. Lotions and other liquids are always put in a zipper bag, and I put jackets at the very end, flipped on top of everything else.

-Your airport fashion is always a hot topic. Do you have any tips from having your airport photos taken so much?
SOOYOUNG: As always, airport fashion is difficult. Until now, I've attempted a lot of different styles, but clothing that I'm most comfortable in looks the prettiest. I always smile widely because getting photos taken is always awkward, so I'm jealous when I see other celebrities who look chic like it's a photoshoot.

-How do you usually take care of your skin and body? Are you closer to 'someone naturally born with it' or 'someone who works hard at it'?
SOOYOUNG: I've received questions about how I take care of my body a lot lately. I seem to look better after having gained some weight. I was skinny to the point where even I thought I looked pitiful. Doing yoga and PT (physical training), and developing muscular strength seemed to have helped. I'm naturally skinny, but I guess I look better after working out diligently?

-It's already been 10 years since you've debuted. What is something that could be a new challenge for you?
SOOYOUNG: Rather than a 'job', I think becoming an adult in itself is a challenge. Now that I'm in my late 20s, there has been an increase in things that I have to make decisions for myself. Like, really ordinary things. Issuing documents, managing finances, physical examinations, etc. They're things that you can do when you become an adult, but I was so busy when I was in my early 20s that I leaned on my parents a lot. Nowadays, rather than new challenges as celebrity Sooyoung, the process of standing on my own as Choi Sooyoung has been feeling new.

-There was an article about you being cast in the JTBC web drama 'Person You May Know'.
SOOYOUNG: There were a few important things in May, so I wasn't planning on doing any other work. But, after seeing the script, I thought, 'Ah, I don't think I can give this one up'. The composition and development were really different and fresh compared to other dramas until now. And, more than anything, the role I'm in charge of, 'Lee Ahn', is really charming. It's a script that I met with a nervous and heart fluttering feeling, so I'm really looking forward to it.

-Is there something you want to accomplish before this year ends?
SOOYOUNG: Personally, I hope this is a year where an exclamation point, not a question mark, is placed with the name 'actress Choi Sooyoung'!

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