Chris Alan · @DaddyAltGOAT

18th May 2017 from TwitLonger

I bring sad news today

I want to start off by saying, It was a huge honor to work with Epzz, Klanton, Luddee, Smex, Emil, Lateks, Casper, all of the people who have come and gone in Th0nkers/Ex- Red Reserve. I want to wish all of them the best of luck in all they do. But today I have to Announce th0nkers will be disbanding as a Team. Since I came on as there Manager/Coach for th0nkers/Ex-Red Reserve. It was fun and always enjoyable the way we always treated each other was more than just a group of guys over the internet. it was a Family, I will miss the team as a whole but it's best for all of us to pursue our individual dreams. All of the current players will be "Free Agents", I myself can vouch for every player they are positive, skilled and very kind hearted individuals. I want to thank everyone who supported us and stuck around. This is not the end for any of us we will continue to strive to be great players/Management in the esports scene until we meet again. much love and respect to everyone.


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