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17th May 2017 from TwitLonger

Update on Manila and Sheeves, and a thank you for all the support!

Hey everyone! I'm pretty rubbish at actually putting out proper statements and updates at what's going on in my life, but I feel I have a duty to you Dota fans in Manila, and of course all you viewing fans online, to apologise to you, and let you know that I will not be attending the Manila Masters.

As I'm sure pretty much everyone in the Dota scene (and even beyond with the amazing amount of response!), has heard about Jo(Sheever)'s situation, and as some have assumed, indeed when we found out, we both immediately made the decision to cancel our attendance. For Jo the reason of course is clear, and for myself, I felt especially at the beginning of the treatment that I really should be there for some time with her. I hope that you understand, and I'm positive that you will, as your continued support already has been incredible, and I know that you want what's best for Jo as much as I do.

We will both really miss Manila, after being there twice already, I know how awesome the event will be with some of the most incredible fans in the world, and of course for Jo, it would have been her first time at an event in Manila, and I know that she would have loved it. Here's holding out for a future event in Manila, which I'm sure there will be with the success that has been had out there so far!

As for other events, Dreamleague(who have been incredible during this time, thank you to you all! Milton,Dagny, and the production team have treated Jo absolutely amazingly let it be known), and future yet to be named appearances at LANs, nothing else for myself should be affected, and you will continue to see me at all other events that I have been invited for! As nice as it would be to be able to take more time off to take care of Jo, we both know that one of us has to keep the money coming in to pay the bills, and I am super safe with the knowledge that Jo has an awesome family that will be visiting her pretty much everyday, and accompanying her to any appointments that I cannot. And hey, I got to make sure that when the events are on and Jo is watching at home, that she can listen to her favourite caster right!? ;) There is also ample time between these events to be with her. I will be of course harassing her with phone calls everynight as well, do not worry!

So once again, sorry for not being able to attend the Manila Masters, but I'm sure you will appreciate why (and I am also confident the organisers will have some sweet replacement, solution!), I will see you all at many events to come, this is a one off, and thank you so very much for everything that's been said and done to support Jo, it means the world to me.

Finally, just to put an end (or atleast to attempt to ahah!) the constant questions, me and Jo have been together for over a year now, we just prefer not talk about it in the online world and will probably not again after this message, as come OOOON who the heck has time for love and shit online when we can be posting about MEMES AND DOOOTAAAAAAAA! Plus on the interwebs, it's my job to love YOU ALL, and your job to ALL LOVE SHEEVES!

Love you ALL!

-apologies for grammar and spelling. I talk fast, I write fast, I do not english fast.

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