To my fellow broadcasters on the twitch platform.

So I want to start this with a heavy tone of.

"If this some how or another offends you, you are probably one of the people I'm speaking towards."

Now that that's out there.

Recently I have seen to be frank, a really gross amount of people in the twitch community seeming to complain just to complain.

I don't need to go into details or give examples because to be honest I don't want to. I don't want to breed more negativity about the platform that I use as a way to suffice living my life.

With that being said I would rather say this.

Can we take a moment to realize how much a lot of us have gained or made from ourselves on the platform whether Large or small? Can we breed positivity for each other on this platform that is in honesty still growing a lot and still has a long ways to go.

Can we see less, "Well they just don't care about XY or Z" or "Well I'll just never get this or that because of XY or Z."

It's really disheartening and in some cases it seems a bit repulsive that people will take a new feature, idea, or even a beta that our platform puts out and turn it into their own battleground for passive aggressive comments and negative interactions.

Why not take our thoughts, emotions, and dedication to our platform and try and turn them into ways to help and push forward better product and ideas instead of just talking down or speaking negatively about.... well what some times seems like every thing I read on my feed.

Now I'm not siting here saying you are wrong to have an opinion. This is all just my opinion and I am very certain not everyone will like it.

I would much rather speak openly and try and get some people to take a moment and reassess the way they are speaking. It's important to remember a lot of us are influential to our communities and when you spread any kind of negativity as hard as some of us can, well it can do many things.

Hurt your brand, push the desires for others working in our industry to want to approche you, make it hard to want to work with you, and honestly just over all it's hard to watch what some people say and not want to just go,

Did you think before you posted this? Did you think about the effect what you are saying could do to others and or how it could effect your reputation and look?

Some of you may not care, and I can not do anything about that. But I just ask that you take a moment. realize that our platform works really hard. I go through moments of, "ugh why would twitch do this?" Or "I really don't like this." But I try and take my thoughts in that sense and figure out how I could do it better or how could I approche the platform and give them positive feedback.

I don't blast my social media with my quick thoughts or my very blatent selfish ideals.

This whole thing once again is just food for thought.

Don't forget that we are still on a growing platform. It's not going to be perfect and we arnt always going to like the choices made.

But remember if you are making your opinions public, it's seen by a lot more people then you think and it can effect your future in this industry more then you think.

With all of that being said again I just ask that we all take a moment to think before we speak or tweet. It's important to have self realization.

Love you guys, be safe

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