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10th May 2017 from TwitLonger

I am leaving Froyotech

I am leaving Froyotech & I can't give you the reason why I feel the need to leave. If you ask anyone why I chose to leave they will tell you it's because I want to prove I am better than shade. That's not really the case. I think I am currently the best medic playing. If public opinion doesn't believe that, I'm okay with that. I always strive to improve and hopefully one day people will believe in me.

Another reason is because winning isn't really important to me. At least winning all the time. Despite a very, very close grand final against EVL, I still felt cocky. Even when we were down maps and rounds, I felt confident we would win. I assume that's because I have an optimistic personality, but I legitimately believed the Froyotech roster was incapable of losing no matter how close the games felt. Repetitiveness is boring as hell to me. Still, leaving for the 'fear' of winning all the time is still a really stupid reason.

The biggest reason I can think of is because I want to prove I deserve to be first place. Playing with b4nny is a free first place, at least with the position I was in. On Froyotech, during map reviews or strat talks I would go blank. I have this mentality of going into robot mode where I turn my brain off and just let everything happen automatically (could be a side effect from playing too long). If I don't get first place on the next team I'm on, it will tell me I didn't deserve first place to begin with. If this happens to be the case, then I'm okay with that.

Even with the third reason, it really didn't motivate me to want to leave the team. The best I can tell you is that it's probably a combination of all three. I still love Froyotech. I know they will be 100% okay without me. They gave me a great environment to work in. Hopefully next season (if it happens) will be the most exciting season everyone can watch yet.

Also I'm on EVL Gaming next season.

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