Solid attempt of PR Damage control. Yet you forget a few very important details, so i figured i will just shine a light on them.
You claim that you deleted everything because of the rage that you were subject to. However you forget to mention that all players, staff around the team including me were blocked several hours before there was any public statement regarding this issue. Personally i tried countless times to reach out to you on Discord, Skype, Facebook, Twitter(3 different ones) AND Steam and you responded by removing me everywhere despite NONE of my messages were ragy or insulting in any way. I wanted a clarification for the players and you that worked professionally because you were already 4 days overdue and you were trying to make that our fault all along, and i have evidence of you claiming several times throughout the process that you dont think you owe them anything because they "just 5 random guys who dont give a shit about anything". But you forget that they are 5 random guys that have a name, that showed your brand respect, That represented you within the terms of the contract. So if you are gonna sit here and have the guts to tell them that they dont deserve the money you promised them? Then i think i can easily say that you didnt AND dont deserve the people you had around you when you decided to ignore us, i personally gave you countless warnings about how to handle this from your side and you ignored them all, the same way you do with all the other people you had hired that tried to do a good solid job for you, Furthermore your explanation on why robiin should not be paid does not really make sense to me. You sign the team on the 22nd of march and robiin remains in the team until 20th of April, So tell me how is he not entitled to the salary? In my book he has been in the team for 28/30 days of a full month and that seems to be about 94% of a month? And you wanted to pay him 4 days late, let alone you failed to pay him 4 days late, so do you not think that the last 6% which is about 30€ is a pretty fine compensation now that you are such a honest and reliable guy(Your words)?
A completely other thing that makes this even weirder for me is that you tell me you are sending a package to my adress with clothing and mousepads etc. for players/staff, i say its cool i can take it for you and hand the stuff out to everyone when you arrived for CPH games, this package was allegedly sent on the 11th of April, today marks May 7th. And it was a pretty funny scenario because according to the postal service of Denmark there was no package ever delivered inside this country destined for my adress. If you didnt know better you would think the package might have just disappeared or misshandled. But it just got a bit weirder when you couldnt find the tracking code, and that the belgium postal service said they could not find it either. Wait. So you got a tracking number, but they could not help you retrieve it? Either you have the worst and most outdated postal service in the world, or maybe. JUST MAYBE, it was never sent? These are just assumptions, but they fit perfectly into how everything else played out.
I personally give nothing for your empty excuses and clueless acting in this situation and regardless of intentional or not, you had plenty of chances to be honest and clear about the situation but you chose to handle it by blocking everyone.
Personally i was not entitled to anything as i worked for you for free, but im not going to let you shit on my "5 random guys" that i call brothers and that i will defend until the end of the law if i have to. I will give you this though. You came back and you asked for their information, so in the end you did the right thing. But you choose to follow it up with a missingful and partially incorrect description of how and why things happended, and for that i give absoloutely no pity to you and your company. You got what you had coming based on your own actions and your own mistakes, not mine, not the players, not anyone else in Manatee.
Jsmoove out.

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