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5th May 2017 from TwitLonger

Please Read: My Situation With Strictly Business

I'd like to make a public statement to share what has been going on with myself and Strictly Business Gaming. Before I begin explaining my predicament, I want to let you all know that I sought help with drafting my statement to make sure it is as professional as it can be. I also want to make clear that none of this is a reflection on our team manager Carlo. Carlo has been an incredible person towards us and has been as supportive as he could possibly be, and I do not want the actions of this org to be a reflection on him. He has tried to advocate for me as best as he possibly could given the situation. He has even paid out of pocket to help us get to the FFTC event. Where the organization has failed, Carlo has exceeded and I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude for him. I also want to be clear that this is not a reflection on my other teammates who have been supportive of me and are good people.

As many of you have seen over the past several days, a video clip of Jwlkr has emerged where he has made a derogatory racial slur. This type of behavior has occurred more than once, and I have begun to slowly withdraw from the team. When it came out publicly and the org did not take any sort of action, I decided that I wanted to leave for certain.

As a person of color it is an offensive and uncomfortable situation for me to be in, to be bound with a person that uses such language and not have the organization recognize it and support me by taking the appropriate actions they should have as soon as they became aware. I am a reserved person and it is hard for me to speak up. I dislike confrontation. I desperately want out of my contract, as I do not want to associate or participate in this, but they will not release me and are insisting that I pay $2500.00 to be bought out. They are not interested in a discussion unless I have the $2500.00. I have had two people who have appropriate knowledge about this situation attempt to make contact and discuss this with owners. Carlo has also attempted to facilitate one of these conversations as well. They have refused to communicate with the people whom I asked to advocate on my behalf to try to make this situation right.

In our contracts there is an explicit clause that states racism is a means for immediate dismissal. Jwlkr is in material breach of his contract. The contract states immediate dismissal for this type of conduct. They have chosen to ignore the breach of his contract by his behavior up until this point, which shows the organization condones it. The fact that they have allowed several days to pass with no action shows that they do not take what has been said seriously enough.

Tonight they are going to be making a statement saying that they are releasing Jwlkr due to this incident. The reason is not for one of virtue, rather it is because they are trying to save face now that they have been called out on this issue and they are not doing this because this is what they feel is right. They are doing this because they feel I won't be able to take any action or leave my agreement if they do so. Please do not be fooled by this.

I would like to be released from my contract with this organization. I have tried to get this done through amicable means. It feels like I am being held hostage for the org to make money off the violation of my civil rights by forcing me, the person who has been the most negatively affected to pay them to leave this bad situation.

I would sincerely appreciate the support of the H1Z1 community in this. Please let this organization know that this is not okay.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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