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30th Apr 2017 from TwitLonger

summersplit plans and some stuff about me as a player

Hey guys here is a quick update about my plans for the upcoming summersplit.
First of all I will not return to America to play with eUnited.
I'm currently looking for opportunities in the EU LCS.
I'm still looking for that one team I can stick with for a longer time than 1 year and go to playoffs and win championships with.
I have matured alot over the course of time I was in NA and tried to become a better teammate,player and shotcaller everyday.I'm not saying that I'm perfect now but it's not what it used to be.In my former teams I was always busy trying to make my teammates train more and trying to fix their mistakes rather than focusing on myself which caused some unneeded conflicts.Nowadays I try to only focus on myself and things the team can do better as a whole.
I would also be up to be an inhousesub if the teams are unsure about me.Ever since I started my procareer people have always been talking shit about me and talking me down so I would not be surprised if teams are hesitant to pick me up.(I know that I deserve all that shit because of my cocky attitude on social media and soloq back in the days)

If I'm not interested in any offer I will take a break and stream and train hard at home and be a free agent.Since I have 16 ping here in cologne the soloq practice I get is really effective.
I have grinded from plat1 to challenger 500 points in 2 weeks.I know that I am on the toplevel as a player and I am only 20 years old.No matter what happens in this offseason I will be on the top one day.My only attention is to win and play together with players that do anything to win.

If you read all of this thanks for your attention and I want to thank eUnited for the last 4 months I was with them.I enjoyed every single second with this organisation and my teammates.

And thank you to the people that support me through good and hard times.

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