Leaving Elevate | LFT Mid

I couldnt believe my eyes when Feales asked me to join team Elevate and play in relegations. Making it to SPL is something i wanted for so long. I scrimmed like twice with the team, everyone on the team was so nice to me. but i was still pretty nervous going into relegations. Playing in relegations was one of the most fun things i have done in smite.

It felt so good winning against new game plus and novus orsa. When i started playing smite making spl was like a dream so I never felt more happy when we made SPL. Playing in the SPL was awesome. i was nervous about what people would think of me and ofcourse i got alot of criticism, but i also got alot of good reactions. I wasnt happy when i heard that i couldnt make it for the game against team Dignitas. When i came home and watched to games on stream and i saw them beating DIG in game 1 i had a bad feeling about getting replaced. After the games were done on stream i got a message from Feales telling me they want to keep Nulisa on the main roster. When i saw that message it killed my motivation for the game, but i tried to OK with it. I didnt wanna be a dick to the team and Nulisa because i wasnt really gonna achieve anything with that.

As LAN came closer and closer i didnt really think they would take me with them, cause what am i gonna do for them, but they actually did take me. My motivation for the game came back. Getting to meet everyone at LAN was awesome, everyone was so nice and chill. When i saw them play at LAN it made me wanna play the game at a high level again. When i came back home i thought about it. I decided to leave Elevate. No hard feelings between me and the team. I want to thank Everyone on the team for giving me a chance and i wish them nothing but the best in the next split! As for now, Ill be looking for a team. Thank you for reading.

TL;DR Leaving team Elevate, No hard feelings, LFT MID

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